Nature-made structure


Look closely at any small creature, plant, flower or big tree, you would see a complicated structure which Mother Nature has created to amaze us. These structures are so intricate, so beautiful. The image above is of a black swallowtail butterfly chrysalis.

Below is a drying rudbeckia (black-eye susan) showing off its pyramid-like central part. Gold finches love plucking off seeds from these heads. At the end of the season after these flowers dry-up, I do not cut them down at all. My garden might not be tidy but it provides a delightful scene with flock of gold finches, perch themselves on these flower heads and gorge on these tiny seeds.


Below is a picture of 2 different species of autumn sedum. Flower structures are distinctly different.


Leaf structure is also a delightful thing to see. Waterlily leaf spread itself out on water surface to catch sunlight. Elephant leaf has a beautiful and intricate vein system.



And I like to finish this post with an image of a wonderful big tree with strange, animal-like shapes trunk. Unfortunately, I don’t know this tree’s name.


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