Reflections on Water


We have a wonderful Sunday today with blue sky, puffy white clouds and low 80s temperature. The ground is still pretty soggy after a few days of rain. Wet weather in the past few days has reminded me of those images I took of reflections on water. A few days ago, I showed to you a few of my reflections on glass windows images. Today, you will look at some of my reflections on water.  It seems to me they are 2 different species. When I look at a reflections on glass panels image, I feel that I am on the ground and steady. But when I look at a reflections on water image, I have a feeling that I am flying in the air and a bit unsteady, dizzy. The mirror effect in reflections on water ripples sometimes make a scene looks unreal, strange but mesmerizing. The image above was an image of dead leaves and their reflections on a ripples water surface. I took it on a beautiful sunny late morning in Fall last year. What do you think about this image? I think it looked like an alien fish swimming in a sea of golden water.


This one above and the one below reminded me of Op-Arts, popular in the 50s (I think). That was why I changed them to Black and White. They were reflections of a rectangular pergola on a pier.


And sometimes, the reflections do not resemble the object at all due to waves which totally distort the image and give it a brand new life. The image below I took while I was on a pontoon boat. The waves caused by the boat’s engine made reflections image of a small tree and bushes into a heart and a unicorn.



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